Aneri Nilang Shah

720 S College Mall Rd Apt M3, Bloomington, Indiana 47401 · (812) 803-8177 ·
I love to listen music, play badminton and read novels.

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About Myself

About Myself

I am currently a graduate student at Indiana University Bloomington pursuing Master of Science in Computer Science. I completed my Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering from Vishwakarma Government Engineering College,Ahmedabad in 2019.I am always eager to enhance my skill-set by learning new technologies.
My Moto- "I will and I can".




Technologies used: NodeJS for backend, Angular JS for frontend, Bootstrap, MongoDB as Database, Heroku for deploying.

Designed and developed a web application allowing users to order food from their favourite restaurants with a team of 4 members. Major features provided by the app are OAuth login, recommendations, voice command based searching and restaurant ratings.

Elements Of Artificial Intelligence: PART-OF-SPEECH TAGGING

Technologies used: Python.

Developed an NLP system for part-of-speech tagging, in which the goal is to mark every word in a sentence with its part of speech (noun, verb, adjective, etc.).

Elements Of Artificial Intelligence: ROAD-TRIP

Technologies used: Python.

Find the shortest path between two destinations based on distance, fuel required, mileage and so on which is based on user input

Elements Of Artificial Intelligence: CODE BREAKING

Technologies used: Python.

Built Metropolis-Hastings algorithm which is used decode a secret message that is encrypted using replacement technique where each letter of the alphabet is replaced with another letter of the alphabet and Rearrangement technique where the order of the characters are scrambled.

Elements Of Artificial Intelligence: GAME IJK

Technologies used: Python.

Built a two player sliding tile game played on a 6x6 using Minmax with alpha beta pruning and Expecti- MinMax algorithm.

Elements Of Artificial Intelligence: IMAGE CLASSIFICATION

Technologies used: Python.

Built decision trees and k-nearest neighbor machine learning algorithm for image classification.


Technologies used: OpenCV, Caffee, Python.

Developed a system using OpenCV and deep learning together for face recognition of custom built dataset using python programming language and caffe model.

Smart Attendance

Technologies used: Android Studio, Firebase, Java, Google Map API

It is an Android Application with Firebase. Developed an application focusing on keeping the student’s record and marking their attendance according to their location using Android Studio as IDE for development, JAVA as programming language and Firebase as Database for the project.


Technologies used: PHP, MY SQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript.

Created an application where one can buy, sell, exchange, rent and even donate all categories of books, study materials of college and school students using PHP and MySQL database.

Honors & Recognition

Honors & Recognition

Shri Dewang Mehta IT Award

Award for securing Top Rank in my final year of Undergraduate Study.

Red Hat Multiplier- Collaborate Award

Recognition by my mentor for contributing to the success of Red Hat.



NPTEL Online Certification

Certification for completion of course on "Introduction to Modern Application Development" by Indian Institute of Technology, Madras.

SCOPE Cambridge Placement Test

Certification for securing good grade in Cambridge English Assessment examination.

Master DevOps with Docker, Kubernetes and Azure DevOps

Certification for completing online course on "Mastering DevOps".

Learning Groovy

Certification for completing online course on "Learning Groovy".

Learning Jenkins

Certification for completion of course on "Learning Jenkins".

Vishwakarma Digital Literacy Campaign

Honor for contributing in special initiative towards a digitally literate nation by deliverying video lectures on "Introduction to Computers"

Technical Skills

My Skills

Languages :-

C, C++, Java/J2EE, Python,, PHP, Javascript,Groovy

Operating System :-

Windows, Linux, RHEL

Database Systems :-

My SQL, SQL Server, Oracle

Web Technologies/Frameworks :-

HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, Jquery, AngularJS, PHP,XML, Spring-MVC, RESTful API

Tools/Frameworks :-

Docker, Jenkins,Maven, Kubernetes,Anaconda, Spyder,Pycharm,Hadoop, Eclipse, Netbeans, Orange, Sublime, Android Studio, Latex, Apache Tomcat,Atlassian JIRA, Microsoft Visual Studio, Postman, Gitlab/Github, Visual Studio Code,Experience with REST and HTTP

My Life & Career

My Experience

June 2020 -August 2020

DevOps Engineering Intern

Red Hat

Working with Continuous Productization Team and helping in maintaining internal CI/CD environment by automating the Middleware CI gate checks and implementing pipelines to test using Jenkins and groovy scripts.

August 2019 - Present

Associate Instructor

Indiana University School of Informatics and Computing,Bloomington

Assisting the professor and Grading for class I-210: Information Infrastructure 1-Python Language and I-211: Information Infrastructure 2.
Holding office hours to assist around 45 students with python concepts.

February 2019 -April 2019

Networking Intern

Reliance Jio

Worked with Networking Team and got exposure to Networking Architecture.
Worked under Point of Interface(POI) team to establish logical connection between gateways.
Worked with a team of 5 members to establish connectivity between different network carriers and learned about Networking Architecture and usage of tools like “Jio Order Care Portal” and “SAP software”.

September 2017- November 2017

Software Developer Intern

Zydus Cadilla

As a part of the development team, I was involved in designing and developing Employee Management Application in Visual Studio and data-tables in SQL Server.

June 2018 -July 2018

International Experience Program

Laurentian University, Ontario, Canada

Under this program, I got exposure to outer world and their education pattern and learned a lot. Completed two courses:"Mobile Computing and Wireless Communication" and"Web Data Management". Also worked on Research Paper-"Privacy and Security of Social Networks."


My Education

2019 - Present
Master's Degree

Currently pursuing my Master's Degree in Computer Science from Indiana University Bloomington.

GPA: 3.79/4

Bachelor's Degree

Completed my Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering from Vishwakarma Government Engineering College,Ahmedabad

GPA: 9.13/10

Higher Secondary Schooling

Completed my schooling from V.R.Shah School, Ahmedaad, India in Science Stream.

Percentage: 86%